Iki festo liko:

Festival rules Print

Beginning of the festival on 17 August 3:00 pm.
Ending of the festival on 19 August 6:00 pm.


is a fenced site of the festival where certain rules determined by the organizers are applied and where the access is possible only with a ticket. FESTIVAL TERRITORY is divided into three zones: active, rest, parking.


is the territory where concerts, entertainment and commerce are taking place. Please, do not litter.


is the area containing cottages and the tent town. Only the people wearing a special wristband for camping will be allowed in the REST ZONE. Cottages, tent town will be in the rest zone, which will be situated slightly away from entertainment, music and various other attractions. Cottages include beds, however, it is necessary to bring sleeping bags in order to make it easier for you and us and to avoid unnecessary confusion with bedding. Tents will be allowed to be built on the green area around the houses as well as in other places devoted for camping. Cottages and camping areas will be fenced with a special tape and supervised by security arrangements, volunteers will help to solve the rising problems. Please, be friendly and tolerant with each others, do not leave valuable things in the tents, mind your neighbours’ property. Be cultured, respect your neighbours and all residents: do not make noise. Note: the residents of the cottages will be issued with keys and the deposit (50 euros per house) will be required. In case of losing keys or devastating the house, the deposit will not be returned.


is the area where festival guests will be able to leave their vehicles. Cars will be allowed to be left only in special parking zones. Cars will be prohibited to be left on roadsides, highways. In the parking zone it will be prohibited to sleep, built tents, etc., you can do that in special zones meant for rest. After leaving the PARKING ZONE, you will have to buy another ticket if you want to return;

Important Information

1. Organizers reserve the right not to release or not to admit to the festival territory suspiciously looking or intoxicated visitors.

2. Organisers reserve the right not to release the visitors from the festival territory without a relevant reason.

3. All visitors coming to the FESTIVAL TERRITORY will be searched and will not be admitted if carrying prohibited items or products (see below the list of prohibited items).

4. Everyone entering the festival territory agrees to obey the festival rules.

5. In the festival territory only cash – Euro will be accepted for payments.

6. Organizers have the right to change the announced artists, entertainment, program and rules.

7. Everyone coming to rest zone will not be allowed any alcohol drinks. You can buy them in festival place!

8. The trade in the festival territory without the written permission of organizers is prohibited (if such a case will be identified, the offender will be removed from the FESTIVAL TERRITORY without notice).

9. In the whole FESTIVAL TERRITORY and its surroundings it is prohibited to build fires, to use grills and other devices containing fire and its spreading. It is prohibited to cut or break tree branches, shrubs, destroy and make damage to nature.

10. It is prohibited to sleep in the PARKING ZONE and ACTIVE ZONE (on the beach, dunes, etc.).

The list of prohibited items in the FESTIVAL TERRITORY
  • Bad mood;
  • Weapons;
  • Any kind of animals;
  • Drugs and related devices;
  • Pyrotechnics and other flammable and explosive materials;
  • Promotional items without coordinating it with organizers.
The list of prohibited items in the ACTIVE ZONE
  • All beverages;
  • Any kind of food (except when special diet is required, after proving that with licence);
  • Professional audio and video equipment without the permission of organizers;
  • Umbrellas (raincoats are allowed instead);
In the PARKING ZONE it is prohibited
  • To sleep;
  • To make noise;

Please, do not litter and do not pollute the nature, all the garbage should be thrown in the garbage bins which will be plenty in the festival territory.

  • Tickets will be available during the festival.
  • Festival ticket when entering the festival area is replaced by the festival wristband.
  • It is only allowed to be in the festival territory wearing the festival wristband.
  • Children under 10, accompanied by their parents or guardians, are admitted to the festival for free.
Wish List (the things you should not forget to bring to the festival Karklė 2015)
  • Plenty of good mood;
  • Tickets and personal documents;
  • Tent and a sleeping bag;
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes;
  • Headgear and bathing equipment;
  • A plaid, sunglasses and sunscreen;
  • Hygiene means: soap, towel and other necessary means;
  • Special measures against mosquitoes and other pestsJ;
  • Medications, if necessary;
  • Ear plugs and cotton;
  • Raincoats;
  • Cash;

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