Karklė festival 2022 

Karklė festival, which started in 2010, is now an essential part of summer!

Karklė festival is the only music festival that is happening in the most beautiful place - on a seashore of the Baltic Sea, at Karklė, Seaside Regional Park. The festival is not only known for its top musicians from all around the world but also for its exceptional attention to detail, all forms of art, and unique experiences for its visitors.

This year, the Karklė festival will take place from the 12-15th of August in its traditional place in Karklė, Klaipėda district. The main gates will be opened on Friday at 6 PM. But the festival's main program will start on Saturday and finish just early on Monday morning. Monday, the 15th of August, is a public holiday in Lithuania, so there will be even more time to enjoy the weekend.

So, don't think too much, we are meeting in Karklė! Mark the 12-15th of August as the most anticipated days of your summer!

Karklė festival is your summer edition of fun and adventure, where we all dream and make those dreams come true together!

2022 Karklė Lineup: karkle.com/atlikejai/


For more information info@karkle.com

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